10407132_10153572295198082_7393000602249829726_nMy name is Ben and this is an online portfolio for some of my work. I specialise in music production and audio engineering, from original music, working with bands and artists, live performances and stage crew, to teaching.


As a musician and producer, my passion is to work with all types of music. Currently I play bass guitar for Mike Moss, an original singer songwriter from Manchester and I have a solo alternative metal studio project called Jacob Messianic.

In a studio situation, I have worked with many bands in various roles from tracking and recording, through to full band production, mixing and mastering. Some of the highlights I have had the privilege to work with in the studio are Mike Sweeney of the Salford Jets and Rowetta from the Happy Mondays, as well as many amazing bands from around the country. Here are some of the portfolio items that have been completed over the last few years.

I am currently working with bands and artists around Manchester, from the analogue studio based at Cause2CreateAudio. As these projects are completed, I will share them and information about the artists themselves. If you would like to work with me, please contact me to discuss a project. 

 I offer Online Services for mixing and mastering of music projects. Read here to find out more about the services.

Music Production Services

My primary focus is recording with artists and bands, capturing the best sound possible to carry through to the mix. Using a range of microphones and analogue mixing desks for a live yet polished sound.
I have experience of mixing all types of music including rock, hip hop, country, reggae, and electronic dance. Using both analogue and digital mixing techniques to create the best mix.
Providing mastering services for musicians and artists with mixed tracks and projects. Using a mixture of analogue outboard and dsp processors to blend a final mastered track.
With a lot of experience of writing different genres from rock through hip hop to electronic dance, I can help you write varied, genre specific original music for tracks, projects and video work.
Offering music production for developing artists and musicians, to help build a musical career. From writing music to developing existing track ideas, recording, mixing and mastering.
Sound to Vision
Sound design and audio for video projects are other areas I specialize in, with a understanding of video production and a love of large, spacious, cinematic sound and music.
I am an Apple Certified user with teaching training and experience at an Authorised Apple Training Centre, predominantly using Logic Pro and mixing.
Web Design
With knowledge of website design I have developed many websites in WordPress and Joomla, and can help you build your web presence, a must for any emerging artist out there today.
Being around live music and musicians, I love to take the opportunity to take photos and work on my skills. I have a limited portfolio of photos but I am always looking to expand and develop my skills.

Sound Design for Video

As a private studio owner, solo musician, active member of bands and all round technology geek, I have found myself working more and more with photos, artwork design and editing. I believe that today's up and coming or diy musicians have to be able to present the full package when trying to establish themselves as recognisable and credible artists. In this current media age, music is no longer something that we listen to, but something consume in a visual way, therefore, we must have a visual element to back up what our prospective audience will listen to. Starting with images and photos and then working on to video.

As a musician, I find limited opportunities to get behind a camera so more often than not, any photography that I do is landscape, scenery, animals, abstract or object focused. But this then gives a base of original images for me to use and manipulate with in artwork design. I strive to make the working environment that we are working in, as comfortable and atmospheric as possible so that it can be used as a backdrop for imagery and video whilst still remaining a functional and professional recording studio.