My name is Ben and this is my creative online portfolio.

Here you will find a collection of Music, Video and Graphic Design that I have been involved with.

I love working on projects and trying new ideas, as well as collaborating with others and experimenting with media types.

The majority of work I follow is music based and my first skill set is Music Production, but this has given me the opportunities to develop in to a Video Producer and Graphic designer too.

Sound Design for Video

As a private studio owner, solo musician, active member of bands and all round technology geek, I have found myself working more and more with photos, artwork design and editing. I believe that today's up and coming or diy musicians have to be able to present the full package when trying to establish themselves as recognisable and credible artists. In this current media age, music is no longer something that we listen to, but something consume in a visual way, therefore, we must have a visual element to back up what our prospective audience will listen to. Starting with images and photos and then working on to video.

As a musician, I find limited opportunities to get behind a camera so more often than not, any photography that I do is landscape, scenery, animals, abstract or object focused. But this then gives a base of original images for me to use and manipulate with in artwork design. I strive to make the working environment that we are working in, as comfortable and atmospheric as possible so that it can be used as a backdrop for imagery and video whilst still remaining a functional and professional recording studio.